hire pre-term baby clothing warwickshire linked-up preterm baby charity kenilworth warwick leamington spa HOME HELP RESOURCES linked-up facebook donate to linked up bednest hire leamington spa bednest hire warwickshire hire breastfeeding clothing warwickshire FACEBOOK Subsidised Hire of the NCT  Bednest Co-Sleeper Cot We fundraise to subsidise the cost of hiring the Bednest Co-Sleeper from the NCT through coded NCT vouchers, for new mothers who are referred (for health reasons) by community midwives and health visitors. We aim to provide up to £50  in NCT Vouchers, to be used  towards Bednest Hire via the  NCT on-line shop.  'Boost-Boutique': Nursing- Friendly Clothing We receive donations of (hopefully stylish!), as-new, natural feeding-friendly tops, dresses & nightwear. We launder, label & package these carefully. We make these items available to new mothers who can choose whatever will support them on their feeding journey, for a small voluntary donation (or no cost). breastfeeding warwick hire nct bednest 'Linked-Up' is a small charitable organisation based in South Warwickshire. We aim to offer practical help for new mothers Of preterm (or low-birthweight) babies Who have experienced an emergency Caesarian Who are hoping to carry on nursing their babies at home & out-and- about At the moment 'Linked-Up' covers the areas around Warwick, Leamington Spa and Kenilworth in South Warwickshire. We Aim To Support New Mothers With: Getting longer bouts of night-time sleep, by promoting the concept of safe-sleep spaces as well as the benefits of natural (mum's- milk) feeding.  feeling comfortable & stylish on a budget, while continuing to nurse their babies  Avoiding extreme fatigue and the resulting feelings of low mood which can arise from feeling exhausted Our work is kindly supported by Bump To Three C.I.C Read more about Linked-Up here WATCH THE VIDEO: THE NCT BEDNEST BEDSIDE CRIB For Preterm Baby Clothing Meet Us At: Warwick Maternity Unit Monthly for parents with babies on SCBU only (1st  Thursday afternoon monthly) 'CALMs' monthly BLISS drop-in at Newburgh Children's Centre, Warwick (1st Thursday morning monthly) Little Sunflowers Sensory Centre, Kenilworth (by arrangement) For Nursing-Friendly Clothing, Meet Us At: Kaleidescope 'Bumps & Babies' drop-in at St Marks Church, Leamington (3rd Thursday afternoon monthly) Before you start your journey to visit our mobile 'Boost-Boutique' or 'Teeny-Togs', please Text your Name as well as the Location + the Date when you plan to drop by.  For updates on planned locations, dates & times, please visit the Facebook Page  practical and emotional support for mothers of preterm babies kenilworth warwick leamington spa
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'Teeny-Togs' Preterm (Early/Tiny) Baby Clothes We receive donations of pre- loved or new Tiny & Early Baby clothing. We launder these gently, then label and package them. We make these items available at various locations, so that parents of preterm babies can choose what they may need for a small voluntary donation. preterm baby kenilworth [COOKIE POLICY] Terms & Conditions